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What is Occupational Therapy and What are the Benefits?
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a health profession which supports independence in activities and roles that people want or need to be able to do to improve the quality of day to day living. Occupational Therapists work in a variety of settings with people of all ages. Many factors can affect activity participation including illness and disabilities of all types. Occupational Therapists work with a persons specific needs to devise changes to the activity, environment.

Who Benefits

In children’s practice, we might support a child in school and home with the sensory demands of learning to dress, play or learn to write. In an adult intellectual disability service we might work on supporting a person in how to make a snack or access the community. All goals are client lead and dependent on the priorities of the person. Family and carers play a very important role in the person’s life, and are therefore an important part of the process.

For Children

I work with children with a range of needs including Developmental Coordination Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I use standardised treatment approaches to treat sensory, emotional and social development. In OT we work through the medium of play to support child development. I visit your school and/or home, we work together through a fun and relaxed assessment process. From there we identify goals and work through engaging treatment programs

Adult Services

Finding our independence improves our quality of life. We all want to be able to do things for ourselves. Adult services range from daily living advice following an operation to living with long term disability. OT supports independence and quality of life for persons with an intellectual disability. I can offer advice on seating and positioning, participation in activities of daily living, sensory strategies, advice around the use of restrictive practices and alternatives.


Natalie Halloran Bsc (Hons) Occupational Therapist CORU Registered
"Redefining potential"

"I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to OT Services. I am Natalie, an Occupational Therapist based in the Galway area with a specialist interest in children’s services and services for people with an intellectual disability. I became an OT having seen the importance of therapeutic interventions for a close family member. This experience inspired me to train as an OT and I have been practicing for 17 years."


    Client centred assessments are carried out in your care facility, home and or school.

  • Treatments For Children

    Following assessment I create a sensory motor program that targets your child's developmental needs.

  • Working With Adults

    I formulate treatment options to maximise a person's sensory functioning to engage in daily activities.


Update on Referrals

We are currently experiencing a high number of referrals and are creating a waiting list. If you would like to join the waiting list, please email through the site, and we will be in touch. Thank you

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